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Aug 012009

quick-easy-beauty-tipsWomen always like to take time and dress up. But the morning chores are so much that the lady of the house has to compromise on her make up and dressing up. Here are 10 quick and easy to do beauty tips to the mums and the wives look smart.

1. Applying skin moisturizing cream in the night would make skin appear fresh and radiant throughout the next day.

2. Taking some time off to do deep breathing and stretching exercises would improve the blood flow and make the body  and mind fresh and agile for rest of the day.

3. A two in one make up with base and powder combined would save application time.

4. Brushing hair underneath and flipping it over instead of brushing it on the top would make the hair smooth and also give lots of volume. For a younger look, hair could be tied up into a pony or use hair clips. Washing hair in the evenings will save time in the morning.

5. Getting the ready the clothes to be worn the next morning would save lots of time. Also, wearing simple clothes would be attractive and also give feminine look.

6. Lips could be lined first and then gloss applied inside. This would make it quick and give a clean and neat appearance.

7. Applying a coat of mascara or a clear coat would bring out the eyes lashes and look good.

8. Fingers could be used for applying eyes shadows and lips instead of the brushes.

9. Sprinkling little of perfume would give good smell and fresh feeling as well.

10. Wearing comfortable footwear like sandals which could go with most of the outfits save the trouble of trying to figure out which shoe to wear.