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skin-care-tips The best ‘Ten’ skin care tips to make skin smooth and glowing for the young and the old.

1. Sunscreens should be used be every day immaterial of the time spent under the sun. Although it’s not always necessary to wear the same concentration lotion everywhere. When at beach a higher concentration would be needed but when going out for general chores a lower concentration sunscreen would be needed. A minimum of SPF 15 sunscreen is required whenever the body is exposed to sun. It should be applied on hands, legs, face, neck and any other part of the body that would be exposed. This would reduce the chances of premature wrinkles and skin cancer.

2. Drinking lots of fluids especially water hydrates the skin and helps in proper functioning of the body which in turn helps the skin look beautiful.

3. Good hygiene is very important for healthy body. Using anti-bacterial soap will prevent many infections.

4. Remember to clean face in the night to remove the make up to prevent pimples. In case they occur never pick or pop them as it would leave marks. Also severe acne or any other skin problems should be treated at the earliest as delay in burst the pustules and leave scars. Home remedies such as washing face with drying agent like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide could be tried. If doesn’t work then a skin specialist should be consulted.

5. It’s better to know the type of skin and choose the make up accordingly. Especially people prone to acne should buy oil free make up and moisturizers.

6. Smiles, frowns and other expressions have effect on the skin on the face. While smiling with keep the skin youthful, expressions of tension can cause wrinkles.

7. Before buying any new brand of cosmetic, it’s a good idea to try it on a small area of skin and leave it overnight to ensure it doesn’t cause allergy. If there is redness, irritation or itchiness then avoid using it.

8. Keeping the hands and hair away as far as possible with help to control the excess oil on the face which will in turn help to control acne. Hair should be tied up in the night and hands away from face. Sample make up must never be tried on the face and sharing of makeup is not advisable. Makeups which have run past the expiry date should not be used.

9. Taking plenty of vitamins helps to skin healthy. Vitamin A stimulates cell growth and restores elasticity and pigmentation. Vitamin E heals wounds and removes scars. Vitamin B7 help to reduce acne.

10. Exfoliation removes the dead cells and exposes new smooth skin. Using exfoilator twice a week will help the skin remain smooth and even out the dry patches. This will help the makeup to spread smoothly. Even men could do this as this help to prevent the appearance of in grown hair after shaving. It also helps in blood circulation and cell regeneration.