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Sep 162009

antiperspirants-vs-deodorantsGenerally, the terms antiperspirant and deodorant are used as synonyms. But some people know that they do the opposite jobs. Antiperspirants are chemicals that block the pores and restrict perspiration. Deodorants allow perspiration to occur and they control their odor.

Those with this knowledge feel that if they use only antiperspirant they may be moving about with a bad odor and only deodorant may make them feel uncomfortable and sweaty.

The truth is, deodorants contain antiseptic properties that kill the bacteria that causes odor and the fragrance is just to make the user feel fresh.

Antiperspirant and Deodorant Side Effects

But the effects of both products on the health have been a matter of debate for a long time. Sweating is nature’s way of lowering the temperature of body and prohibiting this by blocking the pores is not ideal. Also, the aluminum compounds in the antiperspirants are not healthy friendly stuffs.

Regular of use of antiperspirant increases danger of breast cancer, especially if it’s applied their underarms. They have been found to increase chances of Alzheimer’s disease as well. The aluminum compounds get absorbed into the blood stream and build up in the brain and results in Alzheimer’s disease.

Deodorants though initially thought of as safe alternatives are no less evil. They contain parabens which believe to cause breast cancer.

The opinion on the effects of antiperspirants and deodorants stands divided in the medical community. Either side has equally strong arguments to prove their point.

The debate on antiperspirants and deodorants on health hazards being a myth or reality would continue until further research and studies prove one way or the other. In the mean time, consumers are advised to go the ‘natural way’ of controlling odor and perspiration. People are advised to look for products with parabens and buy natural deodorants and antiperspirants that have natural ingredients in them. The label on these products should be doubly checked as all products named natural may not contain ‘100%’ natural ingredients.  All efforts should be made to choose products without any dangerous chemicals in them.

Natural Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Some people are tired of hunting for natural stuff and have decided to make their own homemade natural deodorant. For this, baking soda and cornstarch should be taken in equal quantities and mixed with a few drops of essential oils. This mixture could be applied by dabbing it on a damp cloth. This washes away easily and much safer than the commercially available ones.

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  1. […] First off all, a clarification: While antiperspirants contain substances that constrict the sweat glands so that less sweat is excreted (thus backing metabolic toxins up into your lymph), deodorants prevent odor or simply overlap it. In both cases we still sweat, sometimes more, sometimes less. Surely you probably knew about it, but I’ll write it down for you once again: Sweat in itself isn‘t odiferous, but as soon as it is degraded by bacteria on the skin it produces its characteristic “odors“. I know, this is a very simple and unscientific explanation, but you can still read more about it – if you want! Here, here and here! […]