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May 042011

Due to the circumstances in which some women are placed it is not possible for them to go out of the homes to work and earn. The reasons could be small children to look after, or prohibition from working outside due to religious or cultural restrictions. There could be many more reasons for inability to work outside. Under these circumstances doing some work from home is an option. The work could include working using your own skill or doing some business using the available resources. If you are able to start some business from home it is certain that this will act as a morale booster for you. Slowly if the business grows, you can hire some space and expand.

Some of the business ideas which can be started on a tiny scale and increased with passage of time will include:

  • You can start hobby classes from your home. These can be cooking classes, art and craft classes or tailoring classes. All you need will be certain essential inputs and space to accommodate your students. Before starting any type of classes ensure that you are fully familiar with the work process. You can do extensive research on the internet, collect material and take printouts for repeated references. If you are able to master the subject and display skill of teaching to others, your business is likely to progress with each passing day.
  • Tuitions can be started from home at the times convenient to you. You can start classes to teach the children of different grades. They can come to you for doing homework. In addition to tuition, depending upon the availability of space and assistance, you can also open a crèche where children of working moms can come after school. This will give you good and regular income.
  • Catering business can be started from the four walls of your home. You can start supplying meals to the people in offices or at their homes. All you will need are some tiffin boxes to pack and courier the food and delivery boys. You can cook the food, pack it and dispatch for delivery through courier boys at a fixed time so that it reaches the homes and offices of your customers while it is still hot. This will give you a good income. Depending upon time and expertise you can start catering to begin with for small parties or events.
  • You can utilise your time at home for writing for some webmasters. Depending upon your skill and command on language, you can do content writing work, or medical transcription work or work of completing resumes etc.

In addition to these ideas you can work upon a number of other ideas depending upon your peculiar circumstances, extent of availability of time and the area or locality in which you live.