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May 042011

The presence of unwanted hair is a source of embarrassment for women. It is due to this reason that quite a large number of women are willing to expose themselves to the painful methods of removal of hair like waxing, threading and epilating on a regular basis. Apart from being painful these methods of hair removal are temporary and involve repeated cost.

Due to this, removal of hair using laser is gaining popularity. The reason is that it is less painful and more permanent in nature. A powerful beam of light is focused on the hair follicles present in the human skin with the intention of damaging the follicles. It is a fact that human hair grow due to the presence of follicles, once the follicles get damaged the growth of hair will stop for a longer time. This process of laser therapy needs to be repeated a number of times for full results. Each sitting at the clinic of the doctor involves cost. If you are in a position to bear the cost of laser therapy at the clinic and have time, then there should be no issue. If the situation is otherwise you need to give a thought to finding an alternative for laser treatment from an expert.

Even if you intend to try laser therapy for removal of unwanted hair at home, you need to visit a specialist for initial consultation and for deciding on the equipment necessary for this purpose, the procedure to be adopted and precautions needed to be taken while working at home.

The laser devices for home use are affordable and can be purchased by spending a small amount of money. The drawback of home devices is that they concentrate the beam on a small area and you need to be patient and should be in a position to devote time to treat unwanted hair. For better results you need to follow instructions meticulously as printed on the packaging or on the leaflet provided with the gadget.

Never try to rush by over exposing your skin for faster results. Care should be taken that sometimes your skin may develop redness. This will fade automatically in a few days. You may need to apply some cream which is suggested by the doctor with whom you had initial consultation or in the literature provided with the gadget.

Once you have decided to buy the necessary laser gun, a thought will come as to what is to be done to it after you have destroyed all hair follicles of that part of the body from which you want to remove unwanted hair. These days when used stuff can be sold on the net you can consider this option. In the alternative you can keep the laser gun at your home for letting it out to others at a cost.