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Nov 252010

With advancement of age hair starts greying. It is common amongst the ladies to color the hair. Further it has become a fashion statement amongst the younger generation to color the hair in different ways to look different. It is often considered that dying of hair is a simple task but this needs expertise. If you dye your hair at home it is essential that the person should be familiar with the basics and the following mistakes often made by those who dye hair at home are avoided. Below given tips will give better results:

Mistake 1: It is essential that all the hair is properly and equally covered with the color. This is not a problem with people with short hair, but people with long hair sometimes leave some portion of hair uncovered inadvertently due to shortage of color or difficulty to reach. To avoid this you may use multiple kits and take help of friend.

Mistake 2: Hair dye tends to have a drying effect on hair shaft. Applying dye for a longer time will damage the hair. Dye applied at the hair ends get dried out faster. It is essential that the dye should be first applied at the roots and then at the ends, about 15 minutes before washing. This will give uniform color without damaging the hair. Hair conditioner must be used as often as possible to negate the harmful effect of chemicals in hair color.

Mistake 3: Selection of colour is of utmost importance. Different colors suit different persons. You may decide to use a shade which is 2-3 steps lighter or darker. For initial trials one should start with temporary color. This is easy to wash if it does not suit your personality. Once you are sure that a particular color suits you, only then go in for permanent dye.

Mistake 4: Dye contains chemicals that can sometimes cause damage to skin. If it falls on your skin accidently you should remove it. To avoid getting color on your skin, you may apply petroleum jelly on the hair line or you may cover the shoulders and neck part with a towel or some other thick cloth. Sometimes color kit contains a plastic shield to be tied around the neck. Remember to wipe off the color with a lukewarm cloth.

Mistake 5: Hair color is made of various chemicals which may have a peculiar odour and emit fumes. This can be avoided by applying the dye in open or in properly ventilated room.

One should always remember that no color is permanent and will fade away with time. As such periodic application of color as per the directions will keep hair healthy.