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No amount of euphemisms about motherhood can change the fact that the actual birthing process is a painful time for a woman. Some women have an easy pregnancy while others may have an uncomfortable nine months. They will be all the more apprehensive as they go into labour. A water birth can reduce the discomfort to some extent and is well worth a try.

Primarily it entails a big tub filled with warm water. It works on the scientific principle that the amount of water your body displaces will result in an equal upward thrust, thus enabling you to float. The weight you are carrying will feel less and you will be able to change position easily. Some useful information is given here:

Benefits of water birth: There are many pros of water birth process. It is possible to use the therapeutic qualities of warm water for labour and the actual birth can take outside on a bed. The woman can opt for whatever suits her. An advantage of warm water will be that it will soothe pain to some extent as it numbs nerves slightly. This will help you relax. Your muscles will be less tense and this will work wonders on the uterus undergoing contractions resulting in less pain. Though there are many pros and cons of waterbirth.

A baby floats in amniotic fluid in the womb so the transfer to water will be easier on him. Babies do not breathe through the nose immediately on emerging so the doctor has ample time to bring him up in the air before he inhales any water. These babies are seen to be less cranky which is an added blessing.

Sometimes intravenous medication is necessary to induce or speed up labour. That poses no problem in a birthing tub. The equipment can be set up outside near the tub. Some women are more sensitive to pain and are unable to withstand labour. They often require an epidural. It is usually injected in the lower portion of the backbone. It therefore inhibits the ability of the women to use the muscles required to push the baby out.

The pain relieving qualities of warm water do away with the need of this medication for pain. When the head is about to emerge, the doctor instructs the pregnant woman to push hard so the baby emerges quickly and is less traumatised.

If you want your husband, mother or close friend to be present in the tub for moral support, that is also possible. Of course, they have to be careful not to get in the doctor’s way. This will help create a caring atmosphere for the birth of the child you have been waiting for so long.

Risks of water birth: Though there are not any high risk or cons of water birth. Some common precautions must be kept in mind.

  • The water pooled in the tub is not clean, so there are chances of infection to the baby after birth.
  • Possibilities of water going into the lungs of the baby, if precautions are not taken properly.
  • During waterbirth process, some specialist or doctor has to be present with the all required equipments to face any emergency.