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May 132011

The best way to win friends and make an impression on people is to dazzle them with a beautiful smile. A smile adds to your charm and enhances your personality and looks. Sometimes your tooth structure or appearance of teeth is such that you are wary of displaying your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can help overcome these problems and soon you can be winning hearts with your smile. The various treatments are:

Whitening of teeth– it is the treatment most commonly used. If the teeth are yellowish or discoloured, they can be whitened by bleaching. The color of the teeth usually changes when you do not brush properly or often enough. Other causes are coloured food items like turmeric. Nicotine stains teeth of smokers, coloured sodas and excess tea and coffee leave a residue on the teeth diminishing their whiteness.

Surfacing of teeth– it is used if the teeth are very discoloured and bleach does not help. Also if the teeth are broken or cracked they are capped or re-surfaced to improve their appearance and to save them from further damage. Porcelain or composite is used to make a cap to fit and cover the upper surface of the tooth. If there is a gap between two teeth, then both can be resurfaced to fill the gap.

Smile enhancement– this treatment becomes necessary if a smile is crooked or there are other flaws like too much gum tissue showing. A number of procedures have to be carried out. The teeth are whitened and some damaged ones are coated. Minor surgery in the form of teeth implants and gum reconstruction may be done. Both upper and lower teeth may have to undergo these procedures.

Dentures– these are artificial teeth. Sometimes one or two teeth fall out or are diseased and have to be removed then small dentures are used to replace the missing teeth. They are fixed to adjoining teeth by an adhesive. However, if most of the teeth are beyond repair, then a bigger denture to replace them is used especially if the missing teeth are visible. The health of the remaining teeth also improves, as otherwise it is difficult to chew food properly and that causes additional strain on them.

Total reconstruction– in cases of severe malformation or trauma, full mouth reconstruction has to be resorted to. This can be done only by a well qualified and experienced dental surgeon. Muscles, bones and teeth, all will be involved. The dentist will judge where the fault lies by doing various tests like how you bite, and restructure your mouth so that it performs the necessary functions well. He will also keep aesthetics in mind so that you are not embarrassed to open your mouth or smile in company.