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May 302011

The nutritional requirements of a pregnant woman are entirely different from the requirement of a woman who is not pregnant. Eating a well balanced diet is essential not only for the healthy development of the child but also for the health of the mother undergoing pregnancy.

Vitamins provide energy and vital inputs to the body which are necessary for proper development of the child. Without these it is difficult to think of the proper development of the child. Vitamins are produced by the body from the food we eat and minerals are absorbed by the body from the food we eat. These nutrients can also be supplied to the body by oral supplements in the form of pills.

Because of this reason, doctors advise a monthly visit to the clinic for check up and blood and other tests are got done on quarterly basis. Based on these tests the doctors are able to ascertain the deficiency, if any, in the body of the woman and she is suggested alteration in the diet plan or certain tablets mainly containing vitamins and minerals are prescribed.

The best prenatal Vitamins during pregnancy are:

Vitamin A is found in spinach, pumpkin, papaya, mangoes and in beef liver. This is essential for development of the foetus. Excess or deficiency of this vitamin may result in birth defects in the child.

Vitamin B is comprised of a group of vitamins. These vitamins for maximum benefit are given as a group. Generally doctors prescribe tablets of Vitamin B complex. Vitamin B6 aids development of the nervous system of the baby. It helps prevent morning sickness and flow of proteins in the urine of the mother. It also controls blood pressure. Similarly Vitamin B9 helps to prevent premature birth. It also helps prevent birth defects in the spinal cord. This vitamin is an agent to prevent development of cancer in the child.

Vitamin C helps develops immune system and reduces the chances of contracting infections and diseases both by the mother and child. It also prevents development of conditions of gestational diabetes. This is found in abundance in citrus fruits and cabbage, cauliflower etc.

Vitamin D helps prevent birth defects in the child. In case of deficiency of this vitamin the child may suffer from problem of teeth, he may have unhealthy bones and may have rickets. Mushrooms, fish lever oil and nuts are a rich source of this vitamin and should be included in the diet of the mother.

In addition to vitamins for healthy development, both mother and the child require calcium, iron, DHA and other minerals. The doctors will suggest that you should consume natural products like fruits, vegetables, milk and nuts and also suggest supplements so there is no deficiency due to inadequate supply of these.