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Mar 262011

You should not stop caring for your skin just because you have hit fifty. You had been taking care of your skin for the last more than forty years and this needs to be carried on further. With increase in age the type of care needed differs from what you had been doing earlier and the style of makeup also changes.

The need is to have flawless skin with no age spots, blemishes and black heads. Care of the skin should continue to be part of your daily routine which is going to take a few minutes every day. For healthy and good looking skin three things are important, these are cleaning, exfoliating and moisturising. Continue with the skin care products you had been using earlier as these have been tested and tried by you for years together.

With age our skin looses elasticity and it tends to look dry. Due to this reason it is necessary to use products which are mild. Soaps which we use for bath have a tendency to dry our skin. During young age this dryness is recouped by oil glands. With age the oil secretion decreases so we need different type of soap. Soap should be mild and preferably have vitamin E in it. Herbal or glycerine soaps will do well.

The next important thing is exfoliation. Unless this is properly done, your skin will not look glowing, but dull looks may prevail. For exfoliation you may need to use a scrub. Scrub should be gently rubbed, remembering that you are rubbing your old aging skin and not the floor.

If the weather is cool and dry, application of moisturiser is essential. Moisturiser manufactured using some vitamins good for skin will suit you. In addition you may massage your skin using some heavy oil like almond oil or castor oil to give glow.

In addition to the beauty care products it is very essential to relearn the art of makeup. Makeup beyond fifty is different from the makeup at twenty or thirty. You need to apply sober makeup which gives natural look. Lots of fashion magazines are available so buy them to understand the style desired at your age.

Food and nutrition needs to be taken care of. Requirement of healthy food is much more as compared to earlier times. Healthy and well balanced food will not only give nourishment to the body but also to skin. Drink plenty of water for proper hydration. Do not skip regular exercise and this is a must now. Brisk walk for about forty five minutes will help tone up body and skin.