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Mar 252011

It is the desire of each individual to have beautiful hair. This can be achieved if proper care of the hair is taken as that will prevent the hair from breaking and there will be no thinning. Even if the hair loss has started, proper remedial action needs to taken immediately. There were times when for healthy growth of hair, chemical treatment was considered appropriate.

With ongoing research mankind is slowly moving away from chemicals towards natural and herbal products. Thus, for healthy hair use of natural products should be considered.

To make the hair grow fast and smooth certain points should be kept in mind, these include:

1. Selection of a shampoo is very important. Avoid shampoo with a poor Ph and harsh chemicals. Such a shampoo can damage your hair and your scalp. Buy a shampoo fit for type of your hair after studying the contents. Do not go by glossy and misleading advertisements. Using a gentle shampoo with a neutral pH will prevent hair damage and enable your hair to grow as fast as it can possibly grow. Do shampoo your hair at least 2 to 3 times a week. This way gel etc. applied on hair will be removed and will not clog the pores of the scalp.

2. After shampoo conditioner must be used. Selection of conditioner is equally important. Select a conditioner that seals some moisture in your hair. A non water based product will be the best choice.

3. Brushing your hair is equally important. Brushing process should be gentle. It is a myth that wet hair should not be brushed. There is no need to brush your hair a number of times in a day. Do not brush your scalp to improve circulation as advised by some people.

4. As far as possible avoid ponytails. The rubber band used to pull back the hair is often tied too tight. This way you can pull the hair out of follicles, resulting in permanent loss.

5. It will be better to sleep on a pillow with satin pillow cover. Satin is a slippery cloth. When changing sides in sleep, the hair will glide, causing least friction damage.

6. Have the ends of hair trimmed at least once in two months. This way the split hair will be cut and healthy portion of the hair remain.

7. Eat balanced diet which provides all vitamins and minerals to the body and drink sufficient quantity of water to keep the skin hydrated.

8. Doctors recommend vitamin supplements. It is better if these are taken regularly. This way you will not only rejuvenate your hair but also the body as a whole.

9. For curling or straightening the hair, use hair iron when set at low heat.