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May 242011

After the birth of a child, as per the research conducted by doctors, breast feeding is essential. A child who has been breast fed during the early part of life, is lesser prone to diseases and is likely to lead a healthy life. Based on this research, the trend in recent times is to breast feed the child. During the time the mother is breast feeding her child, she is advised to be cautious while taking certain drugs as they directly affect the health of the child.

A mother has to maintain a balance between the health of the child and her sexual desires. It is also essential to maintain a gap between two children if the parents have decided to have another child. A large number of birth control methods are available and your doctor is the best person to suggest which is best in your case.

During the first six months of the birth of the child, when the baby is exclusively on the mother’s milk, and has not started taking other food, and the mother has not started having normal periods she is protected about 95% from developing pregnancy. Normally, in case of breast feeding mothers, 56 days after postpartum there is only 2% risk of pregnancy. Once the breast feeding cycle gets elongated due to the baby eating other supplemental food, the natural contraceptive protection of the body decreases and other methods should be considered.

Special pills are used for contraception while breastfeeding or nursing baby. These pills are generally hormone based pills. There is always a likely hood that by taking birth control pills the supply of milk for the child may decrease. Pills that contain progestin, often called mini pills, are quite effective, provided they are taken at a fixed time of the day. These can be taken in the morning or at night time. These pills are safe while nursing your child. Some progestin does reach the child through milk but it does not have a harmful effect on him. In some cases this hormonal pill may result in increase or decrease of mother’s milk. However, the mother may face the problem of irregular bleeding or spotting after taking this pill.

Another birth control method safe during breast feeding is getting an implant. A number of types of implants are available in the market. The best that will be suited to you according to your requirement will be suggested by your doctor. These vaginal implants are almost fully safe and do not have any side effects. Once you decide to go in for another child, these can be removed without any complication. Your fertility and sex desire is not suppressed by these implants. Rather you are mentally sure of there being no chance of pregnancy and you enjoy your sex life better and fuller.