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Mar 012011

As the baby grows in the womb of the mother it takes all the essential ingredients from her. For proper growth and development all inputs needed by any human are needed by the foetus. During the third trimester of pregnancy the level of growth of foetus or the baby increases, it requires essential nutrients namely calcium, vitamins and proteins etc.

Nature has made an arrangement that to meet the requirement of all minerals and vitamins, the foetus consumes them from the body of the mother, irrespective of the fact of adequate availability or not. To overcome this doctors start providing vitamins, calcium and other nutritional supplements to the mother in the shape of medicines. However research has found that if the mother takes these essential items in a natural way they are more helpful.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, the bones of the child start to grow and strengthen. This requires a lot of calcium. On an average the daily requirement of calcium by the mother at this time is about 1200 mg. If not properly supplemented in her body the uterus will absorb it from the mother’s body making her deficient. In the long run this has proved to be a cause for osteoporoses, bones and teeth decay. The added requirement of calcium does not end after pregnancy is over, it continues during the time you breast feed your child.

Milk is a rich source of natural calcium. If you are fond of milk there should be no problem on this account. A quart of milk will be sufficient to supply necessary calcium. However if you are allergic to milk other substitutes are available. Yogurt and other milk or dairy products namely different varieties of cheese are rich source of calcium. Ice cream is also rich in calcium, but its consumption has to be regulated as it also contains a lot of fat which may increase blood pressure. Similarly quite a few vegetables are rich source of calcium.

Vitamin D helps accelerate absorption of calcium to a great extent. Vitamin D is present in abundance in sun light. It is essential that a pregnant lady or rather every human should expose himself to sunlight for at least 20 minutes every day. During winter months it is easy to sit in the sun. However during hot months a walk at sunrise or sunset, when it is comparatively cooler, is very helpful. In addition to vitamin D your body will get some exercise necessary for easy delivery.

To sum up, though the doctors will give you supplements of all necessary inputs, it is better to consume lots of milk, fresh fruits and vegetables which provide all nutrients and fibre necessary for good health.