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May 032011
Precautions For Natural Anti Aging Skin Products

Everybody seems to be on a spree to buy anti-aging products. They spend time and money on what they think are safe natural products which are bound to do them a world of good in their quest to look young and beautiful. They shun all chemical products, shuddering at the thought of the side effects. […]

May 032011
Best Natural Botox Alternatives

Botox is a type of poison which immobilises the muscles. It is used as a remedy for wrinkles. When you smile or frown, particular muscles on your face contract. With time, creases or lines are formed in your skin corresponding to the repetitive expressions of your face. These lead to wrinkles and add years to […]

Apr 262011
How To Tighten Sagging Skin?

When one approaches the forties or early fifties, they are faced with the problem of sagging skin. Sagging skin mars your appearance and can deal a big blow on your confidence level. As you grow in age your muscles become lax and sagging skin is noticed at many parts of the body. In addition to […]

Apr 262011
Shark Liver Oil For Skin Wrinkles

Wrinkles herald the advent of old age. They are formed because the skin becomes drier due to less sebum production, and thinner as fat layers beneath the skin are depleted. Exposure to sun, pollution and the habit of cigarette smoking increase wrinkle formation. Fairer people are more prone to getting wrinkles early. The timing of […]

Apr 082011
How To Shrink Saggy Skin On Eyelids?

The effects of aging on skin are a cosmetic concern for people who are facing them. They try all sorts of remedies to keep their skin firm. When skin starts sagging around the eyes, it causes more concern as drooping skin of the eyelids sometimes interferes with vision. The skin hangs in front of the […]