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May 222011
Types Of Makeup Foundations

A foundation is called so because it forms the base of makeup. It is used to give a smooth surface for the rest of the makeup to be applied upon. Foundation covers blemishes on the face like uneven skin, acne scars and wrinkles. Each person has a different skin type so it is important to […]

May 182011
Tips For Polka Dot Nail Designs

In the earlier days nails were painted in single color, may be pink or red and the nails were shaped like an oval. Then came the browns, greens and blues. Nails were painted all the colors of the rainbow to match mood, occasion and clothes. They were dressed up with glitter. Now nail art has […]

May 142011
Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

Skin color varies from person to person and from race to race. It ranges from pearly white to ivory, rose-brown and on to dark olive or bronze. Darker skin has more melanin or color pigment and can withstand more sun exposure. It is harder and more resilient. The basic criterion of beauty is a clear […]

May 032011
How To Do Makeup For Office?

Applying makeup for the office is not as simple as applying makeup for some informal occasion or for going out to the market. What looks good in the bathroom mirror or the car rearview mirror may not look good in the office lights. Before deciding on the way the makeup be applied and extent of […]

Apr 302011
How To Determine Face Shape ?

It is important to determine the shape of your face in order to get your hair styled properly. The hair needs to be given volume where the face is narrow in order to create a balance. Alternatively, the width of the face needs to be reduced where it is wide. This is possible with proper […]