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May 312011
What Is Postpartum Depression?

The birth of a baby is a joyful event no doubt, but it brings with it loads of extra work and constant vigil of the little one. The new born is totally dependent on the mother and as he is unable to communicate, she has to pre-empt his every need and act accordingly. She has […]

May 272011
Pain Management During Labor

The birth of a child has been much eulogised but it comes accompanied with much pain and discomfort. The labor pains last between five to twelve hours. They are mild and infrequent in the beginning but as time progresses they increase in intensity and frequency. You must attempt to be in a positive frame of […]

May 252011
What Is Hypnobirthing?

First time mothers often talk to their friends and relatives about the difficulties and pain faced during the process of giving birth to the child. The extent of labour one has to face often causes a sense of fear in their minds. Now the process of giving birth to a child by the natural process […]

May 252011
Childbirth Injuries To Be Avoided

Giving birth to a child is a complex process and delivery of a child may not be as smooth as considered by many. Both the mother and her child are likely to sustain some sort of injury during the child birth process. The type of injuries that can be suffered by the child and the […]

Mar 032011
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section Delivery

It was earlier believed that if a woman had delivered a child by a caesarean operation, then her subsequent babies would have to be delivered in the same manner. A vertical cut was made in the uterus to take out the baby and it was liable to rupture if a normal delivery was attempted subsequently. […]