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May 182011
How To Wear Red Eyeshadow?

The color red is very vibrant color. It is not used very often for eye shadow but it should be tried. It spells glamour and class and makes you stand apart from the crowd. If you are hesitant to use it because you have always used neutral shades of eye shadow, you can begin with […]

May 132011
How To Make Your Eye Makeup Stay Longer?

Eye makeup is an art and an important part of makeup. Eyes made up beautifully are captivating, provided the eye makeup lasts. If it begins to look smudgy and faded fairly quickly, the effect of makeup is lost. For those with an oily skin, especially around the eyes this is an everyday affair. They painstakingly […]

Mar 142011
How To Apply Heavy Eyeliner?

Makeup is used to enhance your looks. Usually it should not be apparent and obtrusive, but sometimes you want to make a bold statement. In that case makeup can be over the top. The best way to change your look is to emphasize your eyes. If you want a dramatic look you can use a […]

Mar 142011
How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker?

Trend setters in society are usually fashion models and movie stars. Everybody follows their style through magazines and movies and aspires to be dressed and made up like them. When they sport pencil thin eyebrows, all the women do to. When they change the fashion to thicker eyebrows, then it becomes difficult to grow them […]

Mar 142011
How To Tweeze Eyebrows Properly?

To give attractive look to the eye line in particular and the face in general ladies do take a lot of care of eyebrows. To tweeze the eyebrows at home you need a proper tweezers, with tweezing ends properly aligned, tweezing astringent, eyebrow brush, a clean cotton towel, some ice if needed and numbing gel. […]