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Mar 142011
How To Grow Back Over Plucked Eyebrows?

Fashion and trends keep changing every season and women often bow to its dictates. The shape of your nails, the style of hair and even the thickness of eyebrows is according to what is prevalent. Sometimes in your zeal to fit in with the crowd, you may over-pluck your eyebrows. Later you may realise that […]

Mar 062011
Female Eyebrow Shaving Tips

Different people have different quantity of hair growth on eyebrows. Some have naturally thin eyebrows while the others have thick growth. To look attractive it is necessary to have shaped eyebrows. To give proper shape to the eyebrows a number of methods are used by ladies or the beauty salons visited by them. The methods […]

Nov 292010
Eyebrows Shaping: Three Effective Methods

Properly shaped eyebrows add to the facial beauty. Nearly all women worldwide who have means and access to a beautician go in for removal of unwanted hair growing on eyebrows to make them look perfect. This trend is now slowly picking up in men also who have started going in for this. Three methods are […]

Aug 052010
Eyeshadow For Dark Skin

Eye make-up is purely imperfect without the eye shadow. It is true that when you use the eye shadow on your eye lids, you tend give them such a lift that they get evidently noticed by the people around. The most important aspect in this respect is the way the shade of the eye shadow […]

Aug 052010
Black And Silver Eye Makeup

Silver and black go pretty well on eyes and that is exactly why we often apply a blend of the two shades to get the sexy look that we love. It is true that when we blend silver or gold with black, it tends to look much better than what it does when applied all […]