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Aug 042010
Buying Tips For Best Lashes Mascara

Eye make-up is somehow not complete when you do not cater to the needs of your lashes. It is imperative in this respect to mention here that eye lashes have the propensity to highlight your eyes manifold, provided they are done up the way they should be. To start with, be prepared to invest in […]

Aug 042010
Makeup Tips For Smokey Eyes

“Smoke your eyes and kill them all”. What does the aforementioned line make you think? Are you in doubt about whether or not we are discussing beauty in this article? Well, in that case, it is imperative to know that when it comes to the hot and sultry smokey effect, there couldn’t be just any […]

Jun 252010
Use Of Colored Contact Lenses For Eyes Makeup

Eye make-up is sometimes incomplete without the colored lenses that help give you an out-of-the-world look. It is true that the fashion market is choc-a-block with a huge number of colors for your eyes in a bid to make them look different from the usual. Why is it that your lenses are so important? About […]

Jun 252010
Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup?

When we look at the actresses on the television, we often hate the way we look. Instead of trying to change the way we have been for years, we simply sit and weep in the corners in vain. We curse our stars and that is what we should never do. Today whatever make up can […]

Jun 232010
Herbal Eye Pillows To Get Relaxed

An eye pillow or an eye mask is often used while taking yoga classes for that is one time when you really need to stay cool and calm with the eye pillow on your lids keeping them closed as long as you are doing your meditation. You could easily procure them for $10 to $15. […]