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Dec 272009
Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes

Women with hazel eyes are envied by all, as these eyes be highlighted very well and all the colors in the eye can be brought out with good makeup skills. Here are a few tips for make those hazel eyes stand out and attract attention. Golden Specks: To make the golden rays in the hazel […]

Sep 242009
Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Loss of eyelashes is mostly caused by skin problems. Many would have come across eye irritation and the reason would have been an eye lash fallen in the eye. It’s very common to find eyelashes falling off while rubbing eyes or applying eye makeup etc. There is no need to worry about eye lashes falling […]

Sep 102009
How To Select The Best Eye Skin Cream?

Eyes and the surrounding areas are very delicate and no harsh ingredients should be used nor rubbed hard. They get puffed up, fine line, dark circles etc. There are lots of creams in the market available to treat these. Only the ones designated for the specific condition should be used, none others. For example moisturizing […]

Sep 072009
Essential Tips For Eye Makeup

Eyes are one of important features of the face. A good eye makeup can change the look of the face. Here a few ideas of enhancing the look with eye make up. It’s a good idea to ask some one to help when trying these ideas for the first time. Care should be taken not […]

May 132009
How To Thread Eyebrows?

The arch shaped brows are thought to be the best shaped brows. But don’t happen naturally to most women and so they get them shaped up. There are various techniques used for shaping them like threading, waxing, plucking hair with tweezers. Threading is popular method of eyebrow shaping in Middle East, India and a few […]