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May 042011
Essential Beauty Items For Handbags

Bags are carried by a woman when going out. These are home for all essentials that may be needed by her during the day in office or even after office hours. These are part of the dress and personality of any lady and her effort is to ensure that the bag she is carrying matches […]

Mar 282011
Motherhood Maternity Nursing Tops

During pregnancy and after the birth of a baby, the mother has to settle down into some sort of routine. No doubt the preceding months have been spent setting up a nursery, visits to a doctor and then the actual birth of the child. This little bundle of joy needs diaper changes and feeds at […]

Mar 112011
New Tattoo Aftercare Tips And Instructions

Getting a tattoo made on some part of the body has become a fashion statement amongst the youth. To display the nature of the person to the world he or she decides the design. Decision of the design and the part of the body on which tattoo is to be made is a complex process. […]

Mar 062011
Caring For Newly Pierced Ears

Girls are fond of wearing jewelery. One of the most commonly used jewellery item is ear rings. For this it is necessary to get the ears pierced. These days even boys are getting their ears pierced as wearing a single earring has become a fashion statement. Piercing of the ear involves making a hole in […]

Dec 312010
Tips For Wedding Day Makeup And Dresses

Marriages are made in heaven, but a touch of glam is added on earth. One of the key factors in that quotient is that of your choice of “look”. Well, a typical wedding would boast of heavy make-up, ornate dresses and flamboyant jewelery, but is all of that really required? The present age and changing […]