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Dec 252010
Wardrobe Tips For Working Women

You’ve been lucky to land up with a corporate job. You really want to make a good first impression. The best way of ensuring this is to get your attire right from the very onset. While T shirts and jeans are not an option, high heels and pantyhose are no longer a necessity for today’s […]

Oct 092010
Dresses For Apple Shaped Women

Yet another category of women, who want to look beautiful by way of dressing up in the right manner, but fail considerably, are none other than the apple shaped ones. Now what exactly strikes us when we think of the apple shaped women is an over flowing belly that has no banks to hold them […]

Oct 082010
Dresses Ideas For Plus Size Women

Looking beautiful is hardly difficult these days. There are numerous fashion designers and outlets that conveniently offer you a wide range of stylish clothes only to help make you stand apart when in public. It cannot be concluded that if someone complains of a plus size, he or she would not be able to get […]

Oct 062010
Dress For Triangle And Inverted Triangle Shape

Women of all age groups and figures wish to look beautiful. Some of them are gifted with the body that makes heads turn while the rest never fail to make efforts in a bid to achieve the same. It is a common phenomenon to see women with triangular and inverted triangle figures everywhere you go. […]

Oct 062010
Selection Of Dress For Rectangle Body Shape

When it comes to dressing a woman with a rectangular shaped body, there is nothing that would avoid her from looking beautiful if you follow certain rules. In order to know whatever it is that will make a woman with the aforementioned figure look good, you first require to desperately comprehending what a rectangular figure […]