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Aug 082009
How To Make Henna Tattoo Body Art?

Tattoos on the body are the latest fashion trend. But fashions keep changing and a few years’ later tattoos may not be considered the trendiest. But if permanent tattoos are done, it’s very difficult to get rid of it later. There fore it’s a better option to go for henna which is temporary one. It […]

Jul 292009
How To Wear And Care Linen Clothings?

Linen is a designer friendly fabric and can be cut and styled to make any kind of clothes. It gets blended with other fabrics like cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fibers to make trend setting dresses. Fibers of flax plant are put together to make linen which makes it a natural fabric. Pure linen is […]

Jul 282009
Wardrobe Essentials And Basics For Women

As the size keeps changing over the years, it’s the general tendency to acquire new clothes. Most often the old ones don’t go out at all. Finally one day the wardrobe fills up but there would be nothing really worth wearing to a special occasion. A better way to deal with this situation is to […]

Jul 272009
How To Wear Big Bold Jewelry?

Any party or any get together, those wearing big and bold jewelry get people to turn and give them at least one glance. It speaks a lot about the confidence level of the wearer and also helps to ease the atmosphere when in unfamiliar territory. But it looks great when worn certain types of clothes […]

Jul 252009
All About Female Body Piercing For Jewelry

Body piercing has become a latest fashion trend these days. Almost all parts of the body are pierced but don’t yield successful results always. Most piercing heals easily with little care and looks attractive. Piercing would be successful in most places except where its difficult to protect the area during healing like the sole of […]