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Jul 232009
How To Select Sunglasses For Your Face?

Gone are the days when sunglasses were worn just to protect the eyes. Today they have become an important fashion accessory. The come in various shapes, sizes and colors in various price bands. When the correct sunglasses are worn, they can give a very stylish look. To identify the right sunglasses the shape of the […]

Jul 162009
How To Dress For Your Body Shape?

Many females pick clothes just because they like it but don’t bother to see whether it looks good on them or not. Just wearing beautiful clothes don’t improve the look but wearing ones the suit one’s shape and size would make a lot of difference. To wear the right styled clothes, people should have an […]

Jul 082009
How To Dress To Look Slimmer?

Weight fluctuations are very common issue. Also everyone cannot have a perfect figure but the clothes they wear can get them to look slimmer or heavier as required. This is the best way to look smarter and slimmer without resorting to extremes like crash diets. Some of the following dressing tips would be helpful to […]