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Jun 022011
Home Remedies For Dry Hair

Hair is classified as normal, dry or oily. Before deciding about the hair care methods, it is necessary to understand the type of your hair. Once you have decided about the type then you need to decide about the agent you require for cleaning and taking care of your hair. A large number of shampoos […]

May 302011
Common Hair Problems In Women

Hair is the crowning glory of each individual. Having beautiful hair is the index of beauty of any lady. Whenever you go to meet someone and enter his or her room the first sight is generally on the hair. In case you have healthy and well groomed hair you will look confident. Hair grows on […]

May 162011
How To Wash Your Hair Properly?

To look beautiful we need glowing skin and beautiful hair. To have beautiful hair we need to use a good quality shampoo. Selection of a shampoo is of utmost importance for smooth hair. Some shampoos which contain lot of chemicals leave our skin itchy and dry, thus causing damage to our hair. Herbal shampoos are […]

May 142011
Hairstyles For Wide Forehead Women

Each woman has a different perception for beauty. Some may like a particular color of eyes or shape of face while another may like something which is far removed. Likewise, some may be proud of their wide forehead, while others may be embarrassed about it and try different ways and means to hide it. Men […]

May 132011
How To Blow Dry Hair Straight At Home?

Polished and shining hair is considered to be beautiful. The hair which gives a fake look, or is straight as a rod, or is too bouncy is not considered beautiful by some experts. The look the hair gets after perfect blowing is considered to be the best. As a first step to start blow drying […]