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Aug 072009
Natural Hair Care With Henna Coloring

Henna Hair Dye Henna is a natural hair colorant. It’s obtained from Lawsonia leaf which gives red colour, indigoferae leaf that gives dark shades and Cassia auriculata leaves are used for hair conditioning. It’s easily available in any health food and beauty products stores. The combination of these leaves will give different shades. The natural […]

Jul 182009
Best Hairstyles For Diffenent Face Shapes

Many people walk into the hair dressers with a belief that when they come out they would look much more attractive with their new hair do. But at times these aspirations don’t come true and they feel all the more low. Every time they look at the hair they would wish it would grow much […]

May 122009
How To Get Rid Of Dandruff?

Dandruff is a major problem which men, women, young and old face. It causes hair loss and generally women get desperate to get rid of it. They feel ashamed of it and try to hide its presence. Those suffering from dandruff are wary of wearing dark coloured clothes. Presence of dandruff affects the self confidence […]

May 082009
Hair Care And Styling Tips

Shiny, jet black and bouncy hair is fancy of every woman. Although all are not blessed with such lovely hair but can change the looks of the hair with a perfect hair do. This will change the looks of the women as well. A hair style that suits the face can make her look really […]