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May 132011
Permanent Hair Color Side Effects

There were times when greying of hair was considered as a sign of maturity in a person. People used to start getting grey hair in forties and fifties. With change of time, bad eating habits and stress due to a number of factors, it is common to see children in twenties having gray hair. To […]

May 122011
How To Add Volume To Hair?

Whatever may be your hair style or the length of your hair, volume makes your hair look full and healthy. The most common appliance used to give volume to your hair is the use of hair drier. It is essential that it should be used properly. Improper use or exposure of the hair to excessive […]

May 052011
Foods To Prevent Premature Hair Graying

Grey hair is treated as a sign of wisdom. This does not hold well in case of premature grey hair. Generally greying should start after the age of forty but these days we observe that large number of boys and girls start getting grey hair when they are still in their teens. Grey hair is […]

May 042011
Hairstyles For Oval Faces Women

If you are oval faced, you should feel proud of having this shape of the face. Oval shaped people have longer faces. The length is more than the breadth. Oval face is most versatile shape and any hairstyle will suit your facial shape. No matter what the length of the cut of your hair, having […]

May 042011
Good Hairstyles For Round Faces

Hairstyle is now an art and specialization is needed to master this art. There were times when anybody with any shape of face was given any hair style. People with all types of faces were given bob hair or longer hair depending upon the prevailing style without going in for specifics of an individual. In […]