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May 042011
Haircuts For Naturally Curly Hair

A lady with curly hair can look gorgeous provided she is able to manage and maintain them well and spend time on her hair. It can sometimes take hours for the curls to be managed properly. A number of hairstyles have been suggested by hair specialists but the issue can be maintaining the curls well. […]

Apr 302011
Premature Graying Hair Causes And Prevention

The appearance of the first gray hair has the psychological effect of making you feel old. Your first instinct is to pluck it. While you can pluck a few grey hair but it is not feasible as more and more hair turn grey. Genes play an important part in the timing of your hair turning […]

Apr 302011
Ethnic Hair Care And Growth Tips

Ethnic hair is thicker, full of curls and is coarser as compared to the ordinary type of hair. Because of the nature, size and shape, these hairs tend to become dry and if proper care is not taken they can break off quickly and easily. If you decide to grow long hair it is necessary […]

Apr 282011
Essential Hair Styling Accessories For Women

Hairstyling is an important aspect of dressing and looking well groomed. Whenever any person sees you he will first notice your face and hair style. For proper hairstyling you need proper accessories. The type of accessories needed will depend upon the purpose for which they are to be used. If you are looking for accessories […]

Apr 152011
Ways To Make Hair Thicker With Foods

The health of hair depends upon the general health of your body, skin and the hair follicles. Nutrients do have an effect on each part of the body, including hair. The normal growth of the hair is about half an inch each month but the health, length and thickness of the hair depends much upon […]