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Nov 232010
Important Tips For Coloring Hair At Home

The dilemma many women face is, when to start coloring hair to look younger or attractive. Many women color their hair at home, which is a cheaper and easier option. Some important guidelines must be kept in mind while you color first time or do it regularly. Following tips will help you: 1. You can […]

Jun 172010
How To Make Homemade Hair Conditioner?

When it comes to your hair, you just can’t be joking at all. After all your hair is one of the most important aspects of beauty that you could proudly flaunt if it is just the kind you always wanted. Hair, whether long or short, could change the way you look only if it has […]

Dec 302009
Hair Care Tips For Natural Long Hair

Natural, lustrous and shiny hair looks lovely. But it doesn’t happen naturally to most people due to various reasons. This can be achieved with regular hair wash and hair care products. Here are some important tips for regular and daily care. How to wash hair? Hair should be completely wet before applying shampoo. It should […]

Dec 292009
How To Face Hair Loss During Chemotherapy?

Being diagnosed for cancer is a traumatic experience in ones life. But the treatments for cancer are even more a harrowing than the disease itself. Chemotherapy is the popular treatments suggested for most cancer patients. But this comes with side effects such as severe nausea, anemia, and dreaded hair loss. Above all other side effects, […]

Sep 162009
How To Bleach Your Hair At Home?

Bleaching of hair is done to change the color of hair. It could be carried out on add a streak of different color to hair or to lighten the dark hair or sometime to change the color of the hair. Bleaching can be carried out at home or at the hairdressers. When hair is bleached, […]