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May 262011
What Are The Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills contain hormones which change the functioning of the body to prevent pregnancy. The hormone contained in the pills helps to control ovaries and uterus. Most of the birth control pills contain progesterone and oestrogen hormones. For pregnancy ovation is essential. If there is no ovation there can be no pregnancy. When a […]

May 162011
Tips To Reduce Menstrual Period Problems

Menstruation or periods can start when a girl is as young as ten years old and continue till the fifties. Some women just take it in their stride and do not feel much discomfort. Others suffer from pre-menstrual blues, cramps and nausea. There are certain things you can do both before menstruation starts every month […]

May 052011
Hormone Replacement Therapy Menopause

The body of every individual, man or woman, produces a large number of hormones. By inbuilt mechanism a balance is maintained between levels of different hormones. A balanced level of hormones regulates growth and development of human organs and their functions. Sometimes imbalance does occur in between the hormones. This can be a reason of […]

May 052011
What Causes Hormonal Imbalance In Women?

These days most women like to work to earn their living and have status in society. They get lost in their work to such an extent that they do not find time for themselves. In most of the cases the woman affected does notice the changes taking place in her body but due to paucity […]

May 052011
Women Hormonal Headaches Symptoms

Headaches due to hormonal imbalances are experienced by many women. Such headaches are closely related to the reproductive cycle of a woman. Imbalance in level of oestrogen and other hormones particular to women are a direct cause of headaches. Such a headache may be caused by premenstrual hormonal changes or changes of hormonal level that […]