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Dec 312010
10 Tips To Be A Smart Woman

A man is judged by his shoes, while a woman, is judged by her overall turnout. Often women do not pay much attention to their overall ‘turnout’. Barring a professional meet or a social gathering, read a wedding or husband’s boss’s party, women seldom go that extra mile to look smart. Today, research proves that […]

Dec 282010
Safety Tips For Women At Home And Travel

It is a sad state of affairs that the violent crime against women and children is on a rise. Here we share some tips by which you can keep yourself safe from such crimes, both in the house and outside. Safety tips while in the house The simplest way to ensure the safety of your […]

Oct 192010
A Healthy Daily Routine Keeps You Stress Free

What happens when you chalk out your every day plot? It becomes very simple for you to follow which is why you tend to lead a stress free life ahead. Practically speaking, following a healthy routine makes life better in terms of sorting out your office work at the right time or even spending a […]