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May 062011
Lips Augmentation Pros And Cons

Medical science can sculpt your body to an amazing degree. Liposuction for a slimmer you, lasers, hair transplants etc. are used to enhance beauty. Lips too can be made more shapely using injections and surgery. This is called lip augmentation. Some lotions and creams are meant for use by need, and the effect is for […]

Apr 282011
How Does Lip Plumper Work?

Lip plumper, as the name suggests, has the effect of plumping the tissues of the lips. These are cosmetic products different from normal lipsticks. Lip plumper can be with or without color. Tinted lip plumpers can be applied on their own while colorless lip plumpers can be applied under the lipstick. These products contain ingredients […]

Mar 042011
Lipstick Applying Tips For Small Lips

You look through a woman’s fashion magazine and see that all the models have voluptuous lips and wish you could have been blessed with the pouty look. You must realise it is make up that hides a lot of flaws and enhances the better features. Anybody with thin lips could follow a few easy steps […]

Aug 092010
When Should You Change Your Lip Color ?

Lip colors add a glow to your face especially when they are of the right shade depending upon your skin tone, color of the clothes that you are wearing, etc. There are many women in this world who dread to venture out without a hint of red on their lips for that gives them a […]

Aug 052010
How To Get Glossy Lips ?

It is true that the fashion industry is buzzing with a whole new sense of style today. Lipsticks and nail paints have become a household name. Every girl wants her lips to be glossy and sexy looking, which is the almost like the need of the hour now. Glossy lips have always been in vogue. […]