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Mar 282011
Makeup Tips For Poreless Skin

Glossy film and fashion magazines set the standards of beauty for women. They begin to aspire to look like the women featured in them, not realizing that their beauty is only skin deep, achieved by using beauty products. Perfect smooth skin which appears to be poreless is created by beauticians. The technique of applying these […]

Mar 282011
Minerals Dead Sea Cosmetics

If you want your skin to come alive, use Dead Sea products. This might seem to be an anomaly but it is true. Mud packs from the Dead Sea have long been used as beauty products. The Dead Sea is called so because it does not support the existence of any sea creatures. The water […]

Mar 262011
Makeup Tips For Redhead

It is rightly said that it is difficult to do full justice of doing makeup on a woman with red hair. The purpose of makeup is to enhance beauty. Red heads or the women with red hair are unique in a sense and the makeup further enhances their personality. Unlike earlier times, these days being […]

Mar 112011
What Is Bare Minerals Makeup And Its Benefits?

Women lead an active life nowadays. They have moved from the hearth to the outside world and work in offices, factories or just do their own thing. However, they aspire to look good and are always on the lookout for makeup products that can cover their flaws. Bare minerals fulfil this need. The products are […]

Mar 112011
Using Cover Sheer Makeup Tips

All women love to use makeup to enhance their looks. Now mineral or sheer makeup is the rage. If applied properly, it gives a natural look devoid of heavy cakiness of liquid makeup. It is easy and quick to apply and can be used daily even by busy women who do double duty of working […]