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Mar 092011
How To Conceal Acne With Makeup?

It often happens that when you are eagerly anticipating an important event of your life, where you want to go well dressed and looking radiant, when you get up in the morning you notice a big red pimple or acne on your face. This is quite depressing and is certain to leave you wondering as […]

Mar 092011
How To Apply Bare Mineral Makeup?

A large number of women have discovered the benefits of using mineral makeup as compared to the traditional makeup which are comprised of liquid foundation, or powder. Mineral make-up are made by grinding and processing pure minerals which are light and does not cause harm to the skin of the user and also they are […]

Mar 082011
Bare Minerals Makeup Tips

With the increasing cost of living every member of the family has to work and earn to lead a decent life. Women have started moving out of the homes and are working in offices, factories or just doing other thing to be on their own and to earn. However, all have a desire to look […]

Mar 082011
Easy Beauty Tips For Hot Weather

The desire each individual has is to look good and beautiful throughout the year. Weather does affect the makeup and dresses, but by selecting the right type of cosmetics and clothes one can look attractive during all seasons. During hot weather simple makeup should be applied. If heavy makeup is applied during hot and sultry […]

Mar 042011
Beauty Tips A Week Before Your Wedding

A wedding is an occasion when the bride is the center of attraction and attention. Just one week before the wedding a bride who will be moving to another home has to do a number of things. It is often not possible even for an organised person to be fully ready on the wedding day […]