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Sep 072009
Eye Makeup Problems For Contact Lens Wearers

People who wear contact lenses ought to be very careful about their make up products. A wrong eye pencil or a flake of mascara falling into the eyes could puff it up and make it difficult to fit lenses. Here are few tips to minimize such problems: Wear lenses before or after make up: Those […]

Sep 012009
How To Apply Pressed Powder Foundation?

Pressed powder helps to cover blemishes and controls the shine in the oily face especially in areas like nose. It should be used by all those wearing makeup as it gives a finished look to the makeup and also gives an even tone to the skin. There are pressed powders available for every type of […]

Sep 012009
Benefits Of Using Mineral Foundation Powder

Mineral based makeup suit all skin types and colors. It contains high pigment minerals in crushed form and comes as dusting powders, pressed powders and cream powders. Traditional make up contain artificial ingredients and unnecessary additives that damage the skin. Mineral foundation is totally pure and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. In fact, it contains titanium […]

Sep 012009
Essential Makeup Cosmetics For Portable Kit

In today’s modern world, it would be hard to find any women without makeup. What may be different is the quantity of makeup applied. While some prefer to use little cosmetics to enhance their natural beauty while others try to give a complete different look. Looking good has taken so much of priority in some […]

Aug 262009
Top 10 Makeup Mistakes

Everybody wants to look beautiful either naturally or through makeup. There are a few points to be borne in mind while using makeup in order to achieve the desired results. The following are the mistakes to be avoided. 1. Using incorrect shade of foundation. The common mistake is to wearing shade that is either too […]