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Aug 252009
Makeup Tips For Plus Size Women

Makeup is women’s favorite topic of discussion in any gathering. They often exchange tips and discuss issues they have had while wearing makeup. While a good make up can make women beautiful an awful one can draw her looks low. This is applicable for all men and women, skinny and plumpy, short and tall. Those […]

Aug 172009
Essential Makeup Tools Brushes

Every woman wants to look beautiful and tries on the various beauty products. But many don’t have the idea of the best application tools for each aspect of the make up like eyes, lips, cheeks etc. Here is a list of perfect tools for applying makeup on the face. Powder Brush: The powder spreads evenly […]

Aug 032009
How To Choose Eau De Cologne for you?

In current scenario to keep advanced with the fashion there are lots of ways. But if for smarter rather than other you will always choose a short and interactive ornament that will illustrate as fragrance that will make you different from others. But to finding the best as according to your satisfaction is a problematic […]

Aug 012009
10-Quick and Easy Beauty Tips

Women always like to take time and dress up. But the morning chores are so much that the lady of the house has to compromise on her make up and dressing up. Here are 10 quick and easy to do beauty tips to the mums and the wives look smart. 1. Applying skin moisturizing cream […]

Jul 302009
Learn Natural Makeup Application Tips

For being a perfect personality and looks different from anyone you would like to apply some composition or skin tone on your face, but stop little bit and think it will suit to your personality or not. After makeup it’s not necessary that your countenance will look spanking and fresh. All that troubles can overcome […]