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Jul 142011
Talking To Your Baby In The Womb

A baby learns even in womb. Don’t be surprised, it’s true. It is scientifically proved that after third month of pregnancy, fetus in womb can recognize sound, light, stimuli, smell etc. Teaching can help the baby to recognize, light, sound, smell etc. But how? Here teaching is not like teaching a baby. Here are some […]

Jun 022011
List Of Unsafe Foods During Pregnancy

Special care has to be taken in the choice of food by a pregnant lady for her own safety and that of her unborn child. Most of the time hygiene is the only concern but many animal products harbour dangerous bacteria and must be avoided, especially if they are not properly cooked. List of unsafe […]

Jun 022011
Medical Test Before Pregnancy Tips

Getting pregnant is an important event in the life of a woman. This is the time when lots of hormonal changes take place and she has to adapt to the changes that are going to take postpartum. Considering the importance of likely physical and psychological effects that will take place in the body of a […]

May 312011
Tips For Pregnant Working Women

The period of pregnancy is quite long and it is not possible or advisable to stop doing your routine work or going to the office. However, it is important to look after yourself and the growing baby. For a working woman who is pregnant some problems do arise in the form of fatigue, uncomfortable clothes […]

May 302011
Best Prenatal Vitamins During Pregnancy

The nutritional requirements of a pregnant woman are entirely different from the requirement of a woman who is not pregnant. Eating a well balanced diet is essential not only for the healthy development of the child but also for the health of the mother undergoing pregnancy. Vitamins provide energy and vital inputs to the body […]