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May 222011
How To Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Back pain is a problem which is invariably faced by all women at one time or the other during pregnancy. It needs to be checked right at the time when a woman starts experiencing it, and negligence on this account can result in prolonged problem of back ache, which may continue even after delivery. Third […]

May 172011
Hair Straightening During Pregnancy Side Effects

Pregnant women often wonder whether they should go in for hair straightening or not as they are concerned about their babies. Hair straightening is a cosmetic process in which curly or frizzy hair is straightened either by using physical methods or by chemical treatment. Physical methods are blow drying and ironing. In blow drying a […]

May 142011
Tips For Safe Makeup During Pregnancy

Pregnant women often make a mistake of opting out of using makeup altogether. Pregnancy is a time when there are so many changes occurring in the body leaving the women bewildered. Using makeup to make themselves pretty give them some control over their body. However, during pregnancy choose makeup carefully, read all labels and select […]

May 142011
Benefits Of Drinking Milk During Pregnancy

Pregnant women require more nutrients than they normally consume. Milk is a food recommended especially for an expecting mother. It contains calcium, Vitamin D, riboflavin and energy. Not drinking milk stunts the growth of the baby and lowers his birth weight, according to medical research. Some women avoid drinking milk assuming that it will lower […]

May 132011
Hair Care During Pregnancy

During the period of pregnancy lots of hormonal changes take place in the body of a woman. This is a natural phenomenon and the object is to provide maximum nourishment to the growing foetus. In certain cases some women report that their hair has grown thicker and more lustrous during pregnancy. This is because of […]