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Dec 102010
Psychology Of Infidelity And Cheating

Marriage is a sacred relationship between a man and a woman. Faithfulness to the other is one of the essences of this relationship. Infidelity is an act of having emotional attachment or sex outside the marriage and is unfaithfulness to the companion. Both men and women can be involved in this. Research has been done […]

Dec 092010
What Makes A Successful Marriage ?

In today’s life which is full of tensions, problems and materialism, when everyone is running after success and money, marriage a solemn binding of two souls, is often not given the importance that is needed to make it successful. Due to lack of time to be together, and understand the problems of the other, differences […]

Dec 092010
Importance Of Friendship In Marriage

It is difficult to find good friends but once found they are with you for long. Similarly it is difficult to find a good match, once found he or she is to be with you through thick and thin of your life. Life will be enjoyable if in marriage you can count your spouse as […]

Dec 092010
Selection Between Husband And Affair

Extramarital affair is associated with sex outside marriage and it involves married woman and another married or unmarried man. Generally, when a woman decides to have extramarital affair, it can be to find satisfaction outside marriage, or there can be many other reasons for this. Choice between husband and affair is a difficult decision for […]

Dec 092010
How To Have A Long And Happy Marriage ?

Marriage is an occasion when two souls become one and they decide to live together as a happy couple till end of life. Life is bliss for those who are blessed with and lead a happy married life. Though happy married life is hard to find but it cannot be said to be non-existent. With […]