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May 232011
Must Avoid Common Skin Care Mistakes

To have a beautiful skin, it is necessary to take proper care of it. There are people who have beautiful skin by birth, while others are not blessed with beautiful skin and need to take more care. There are people who do not take much care of the skin while the others take excessive measures, […]

May 222011
Waxing Underarm Hair

Waxing is a method to remove unwanted hair from the body. The area which is waxed remains smooth longer as hair is removed from the follicles. There may be slight pain and the skin may become red. Either hot or cold wax can be used. Cold wax is available as a tube in stores. Hot […]

May 222011
Myths About Skin Care Tips

It is the desire of every woman to look beautiful. A large number of beauty products are available in the market and they are tried by women. Various suggestions are made by friends and relatives to use certain products without knowing the effect. Many women, after getting attracted by advertisements, without studying the ingredients in […]

May 212011
Back Acne Home Remedies

Generally the face and neck are the portions of the body which are exposed to the onlookers, and the rest of the body is covered with clothes. Due to this, we take maximum care of facial and neck skin, and ignore other parts of our body namely back and breast area. In case at any […]

May 212011
Avocado Facial Mask Recipes

To look beautiful it is essential that your facial skin is hydrated and properly nourished. In case you have dry or very dry skin, and if your skin is sensitive, you need a proper moisturiser to make your face look beautiful. In such a case it is not advisable to spend your paycheque on purchase […]