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Jul 012009
Home Manicure Tips Guide

Beautifully shaped nails with shiny polish on them can attract more hearts than the ones with chipped polish with rough cuticles and brittle nails without much of shape. Manicured nails makes the hands to look better and also speaks a lot about once personality. Here are a few tips to make the nails look shapely […]

May 132009
How To Shave Bikini Line?

There are many women who admire the dancers, swimmers in bikini and bathing suits and others whose bikini line often gets exposed. They wonder how they manage the area. Shaving bikini area has always been a challenge to most women. They try different varieties cream and razors to clear the area. Some end up with […]

May 132009
How To Remove Rough Skin On Feet?

Many women suffer have tough time with chapped and peeling skin in their feet. The reasons could be dry weather, walking barefoot or wearing sandals.  A good way to prevent rough feet is by having the feet covered all day i.e., wearing shoes or socks throughout the day. One of the best means to get […]

May 132009
How To Remove Skin Hairs?

Soft and smooth skin is aspiration of every woman. But it’s not easy to achieve this. All those who have this must be spending enormous amount of time on their body care. One of the means to get the skin soft and smooth is by removing unwanted hair. There are numerous techniques available to remove […]

May 132009
10 Tips For Beautiful Skin

The best ‘Ten’ skin care tips to make skin smooth and glowing for the young and the old. 1. Sunscreens should be used be every day immaterial of the time spent under the sun. Although it’s not always necessary to wear the same concentration lotion everywhere. When at beach a higher concentration would be needed […]