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May 122009
How To Take Care Of Your Lips?

Like every other part of the body lips too need to cared and pampered to look soft, smooth and sexy. Lips play an important role in defining the look of the face. Dry and cracked lips spoil the whole look and the face appears dull and unattractive.  Smooth lips also help the lip stick to […]

May 112009
How To Get Wrinkle Free Skin?

None can look young and youthful for ever. But attempts can be made to delay the aging signs. Appearance of wrinkles on the skin is an important factor that gives away a person age.  Here are some tips to delay the arrival of wrinkles. Stop Smoking Smoking is injurious to health and skin. It speeds […]

May 092009
Useful Tips For Dry Skin Facial

Dry skin causes itches, flaky skin, are sensitive to light and heat and the make up wears off soon. Some people are born with dry skin and for some the texture of skin changes with age. How and when the dry skin comes is not important but how to pamper it to look beautiful is […]