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Dec 042010

If one has time and means to loiter around or relax at home being all alone with her beloved, winter is the best time. During winters the air is cold and crisp. It is fun if one is able to spend the day with loved one relaxing and spending time aimlessly. It is time to show your loved one that you care for him/her and want to make her happy and relaxed.

There are many cheap and best number of ways to spend time together during winters and have lot of fun. If the day is sunny having sunbath is romantic. If you are living on sea side going to the beach and enjoying sunshine can be excellent and refreshing. For this you should pack your bag with lot of food stuff and some linen, go to the beach and enjoy sunbath on soft seaside sand. If not living near the sea, a couple can enjoy the day in some garden etc.

If during winter there is lot of snow get dressed with heavy coat and boots and go out to play with snow balls. You will find a number of other couples enjoying snow. Building snowman is added fun, all this will add romance in life. After playing with snow, gorge on some good food, chocolates etc. and champagne.

In every city there is some street or garden or other place which is famous for eating joints, where people come out to stroll and spend time. During holidays and during festival season these places get decorated for fun and food, going to such a place moving up and down the street, doing window shopping and eating some tit-bits is a romantic winter date idea.

If both of you are interested in camping and going outdoor, enjoy a short visit to some nearby place where there are fully furnished huts or other living apartments rented out by owners for a short time, may be a day or two. A visit to massage parlour, if available nearby, can be a good idea. A bed and breakfast place can be booked for a will romantic break. Having bonfire at such a place at night can be worth enjoying and remembering.

Above all, lazing in bed and relaxing under the quilt, watching popular movies, eating favourite snacks and drinking hot chocolate or wine can beat any romantic escapade.