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May 252011

Giving birth to a child is a complex process and delivery of a child may not be as smooth as considered by many. Both the mother and her child are likely to sustain some sort of injury during the child birth process. The type of injuries that can be suffered by the child and the mother are different. The injuries that can be suffered by the mother can include any one or more of the following:

Vaginal tear is quite a common injury suffered by the mother at the time of the birth of child. If the head of the child is large or it is a breach baby, the skin between the vagina and anus may get torn. To avoid this problem doctors often apply a cut to this portion of the skin. After the birth of the child it is sewed again. The cut may sometimes get infected due to incorrect stitching. The cut can be a cause of excessive bleeding or rectal problem may occur.

Due to pressure of the child on the intestines it is quite common for a woman to develop fissures in the skin around anus. Fissures are often confused with piles but the pain in case of fissures is more severe as compared to piles.

Caesarean section is carried out for giving birth to a child when there are complications and a normal birth is not possible. This is also done due to the choice of the women who do not want to undergo labour pains. A cut is made in the mother’s abdomen and wall of the uterus. This also carries the risk of excessive bleeding or infection may develop in some cases.

During pregnancy there are chances of rise of blood pressure level and also of protein in the urine of the mother. Swelling of various organs, weight gain and loss of vision are other symptoms. Failure to manage these may result in death or serious injury to the mother’s body. The mother is also likely to develop infection in the urinary track of in the cuts made to smoothen the birth of the child. In such a case the stay in hospital can be extended, resulting in excessive cost and discomfort to you and attendants. To avoid this, use clean linen and wash hands regularly with some antiseptic soap.

Some people are allergic to anaesthetic drugs. Anaesthesia is often given during making a cut to widen the vaginal tract when performing a caesarean. It is necessary to inform your doctor about the allergic effect of some medicines on you.

Many more procedures need to be carried out for the injuries sustained depending upon the condition of the patient and complications that arise or have arisen during the process of child birth. These need to be attended on case to case basis.