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Mar 042011

Although pregnancy is a joyous time for a woman, it brings about a fair share of health concerns. Some of them may be time specific while others may last during the full term of the pregnancy. There are some common problems during pregnancy which are faced by the women as follows:

The first problem to rear its head is morning sickness. It usually disappears after the first trimester. It is worst when the stomach is empty so nibble some biscuits or crackers before you get up in the morning and slowly get out of the bed. If it continues throughout the day, eating small quantities at short intervals will help out.

After the first trimester is over, heart burn appear in place of morning sickness. This is due to the lessening of space in the stomach due to pressure from the growing baby. The digestive juices find their way upwards into the oesophagus. Small quantities of milk will help dilute this juice. Water will also help you out of this problem.

With the release of progesterone hormone constipation starts to appear. This is a real problem which adds to the discomfort. To overcome this food rich in fibre, fruits and vegetables are helpful. As far as possible eat lots of fresh fruits and raw uncooked vegetables as salad. Cereals and oats cooked in milk will help. Sometimes increased intake of fat is suggested by some people. This is not good as this tends to increase blood pressure and adds to the body weight which is not good for pregnancy. Unbalanced food results in vitamin and other deficiencies which have to be supplemented with medicines.

Cramps in legs are caused by deficiency of calcium and potassium. Whenever you feel cramps in legs it is better to try to stand up. Ask for assistance from someone as due to pain chances are that you will be unstable. To clear the cramp, massage the affected portion of the leg. Application of oil during massage will help soften the muscle. Increase intake of magnesium and calcium rich food and expose the body to sunlight for at least twenty minutes a day. This will help the body to absorb vitamin D.

Swollen ankles and feet and low back pain is another problem faced by almost all women. Do not remain on your feet for a long time at a stretch. Whenever possible try to lie down. When lying down, place a pillow between the knees and a few pillows under your feet so that they are above the level of the head. When sitting down place the feet on a stool. This will have soothing effect.

Your baby is getting all the nutrition from your body. Nature has made arrangement for supply of all inputs to the child from you irrespective of whether you are deficient or not. This often makes the woman anaemic. Be regular in taking supplements in the form of medicines as suggested by the doctor.

Plan your diet properly and you will pass the pregnancy with least discomfort. The delivery day will come when you will have a healthy baby in your lap.