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May 132011

Plastic surgery is undertaken by people who want to change a feature to suit their notion of beauty or perfection. They believe that what God did not give them, a plastic surgeon will. Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed surgeries. It is done to modify the shape of the nose. Some women are not satisfied with the proportion of their nose, deeming it too flat or broad. They think that it mars their beauty. Getting rhinoplasty done makes them confident and happy.

A cosmetic surgeon is able to change the shape of the nose pretty much according to the client’s wishes, barring some limitations. A woman may have to undergo several surgeries before the nose can be remodelled into what she desires. The surgeon is able to show 3-D images to her on the computer so that she knows what the end result will be. Both the surgeon and the client are then clear as to what will be attempted.

A surgery performed for beautification is called augmentation rhinoplasty. The main purpose of this is to make the nose look sharper. For this the top of the nose is raised by adding some cartilage obtained from the earlobe. Now mostly silicone implants are used as solid silicone bears the least risk of rejection from the body as compared to other materials. Silicone can be shaped as needed and gives very good result.

Sometimes the nose needs to be refashioned for medical reasons this is called rhinoplasty for facial reconstruction. The nose mat not be formed properly and the bone structure may be such that does not allow proper breathing. An accident can cause damage to the nose or nasal bone and surgery is required to rectify it.

Those suffering from sleep apnoea may also require corrective surgery. In this problem there may be some obstruction in the nose not allowing the person to breathe normally during sleep. This is a serious situation and surgery can remove the risk to a great extent. So beauty is not the only factor necessitating rhinoplasty. At times it is a life saver allowing people to lead normal lives.