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Oct 122010

Bone development in case of women needs a lot of calcium. Adequate calcium is required by women so as to be able to get stronger bones even after their middle age. It is true that a good amount of bone density is achieved by 26 to 30 years of age after which the calcium in the bones begins to degenerate. This is the major reason why women need more calcium so that they steer clear from diseases like osteoporosis, etc.

Many a time researchers were heard mentioning that calcium intake in the right amount also prevents PMS in women which is quite common. So, the next question that arises is, how much calcium should an average woman consume in order to remain healthy.

Recommended calcium intake for women

How much calcium should women take is a natural question. Depending upon the age and the hormonal state of a woman, she would need calcium ranging between 1000mg to 1500mg every day. Elaborately speaking, between the age group 11 years to 24 years a woman would need 1500mg calcium. While, between 25 years to 50 years the quantity would come down to 1000mg. Then, comes the next category which is of pregnant or the nursing women who should medically take 1200mg to 1500mg calcium on a regular basis failing which their body might start taking the required amount from its bones and other tissues.

As soon as we speak about calcium, the first thing in foods that strikes us nothing but milk and milk products. We all strongly believe that there is no better source of calcium other than the aforementioned few which is absolutely incorrect. If that holds true then what about women who are lactose intolerant? Would they not suffer from an acute deficiency of calcium forever? As a matter of fact calcium exists in a lot more products and not just milk and its kind.

Sources of calcium: Foods

Some of the everyday products which contain calcium include broccoli, sardines, mustard greens, oysters’ clams and kale. You might not know but these are all choc a block with calcium which means if you do not prefer the dairy products, you still stand a good chance.

Orange juice is said to contain a whole bunch of calcium which does wonders if taken on a regular basis. And then of course we have yogurt and milk which have always been known to have calcium in them.

Calcium is extremely important for the bone development in human body especially in women. It helps control the everyday bone wear and tear that begins beyond a specific age in everyone. In the case of it’s deficiency in body, calcium tablets are also available over the counter, but these dosages should be taken only after proper consultation of doctor.