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Apr 042011

All people clean and wash their face every day but most of them do not know whether it is being done in the right way or not. We are living in the world full of pollution emitted by polluting vehicles and dust particles. Face is the part of the body which is always exposed to the atmospheric conditions. Due to this pollution a lot of unwanted particles get clogged to the skin. These are not normally visible to the human eye.

The human skin has self repairing properties. As such you can exercise control on the long term health of facial skin, its texture and suppleness. Cleaning of the face is the most important part of the skin care routine. By proper cleaning one gets rid of the unwanted left over makeup, dirt, carbon and bacteria which clog the pores and do not allow it to breathe freely. Whatever be the type of your skin i.e. oily, dry or normal, it is essential to clean it at night so that the pores are open and the skin breathes the whole night. The face can be washed with plain water when you get up.

If your skin is normal it will be smooth with small pores. This type of skin does not have excessive oil and there is no dryness. To clean such a skin you need a mild cleanser that does not remove natural skin oil leaving it dry. Remember never to wash your normal skin using very hot water. Use normal tap water or slightly warm water to wash your face. After washing, dry the face using a soft towel. Do not rub your skin hard. Never use cleansers high in alkaline material or alcohol.

Dry skin is one which produces lesser natural oil. This type of skin is likely to develop dehydration on exposure to dry and sunny weather conditions. The dryness often results in cracking, flaking and irritation of skin. Wrinkles and lines easily appear on such skin. For cleaning of such skin you need a mild cream based cleaner. Never use hot water. After washing, some moisturiser should be immediately applied. If there is excessive cracking due to dryness, cleanser can be used only once at night and face should be washed with running water in the morning.

Oily skin is easy to detect. Anyone having such skin can see the oil on the face when looking in the mirror. Proper cleaning such skin can help control oil. For cleaning oil free cleansers should be used. Mild bathing soap can also help remove excess oil. The face should be washed three to four times a day and wiped dry. Exfoliating cream can be applied twice a week.