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Mar 252011

Everyone wishes to have a normal pregnancy and deliver a healthy child. This is a period of joy for the whole family. Pregnancy does carry with it certain discomforts and the woman has to bear them. However there are certain symptoms, which need to be attended immediately and should not be ignored at any cost. It is due to this reason it is always suggested to visit a gynaecologist at least once a month for a check up.

There are certain warning signs mentioned here under which need to be attended to immediately:

Spotting can be a signal of some impeding danger during pregnancy which can even be miscarriage. Though spotting does occur in some cases during early period of pregnancy but it should not be ignored. If spotting is noticed immediate requirement is rest and visit to the doctor. If there is outright bleeding accompanied with elimination of clots or tissues, this is a serious issue and can be a signal or warning of a miscarriage. The woman should be immediately rushed to hospital.

Mild abdominal cramps will need attention but are not a sign of alarm. These may be accompanied with chill and fever. An immediate consultation with the doctor is necessary. These can be due to building up of pressure in pelvic area. In early pregnancy, if the woman suffers from severe cramps accompanied with pain, chill, nausea and fever, this can be a serious warning. These symptoms may be sign of ectopic pregnancy. Laser surgery can correct ectopic pregnancy. If not attended and the egg continues to grow in fallopian tube, it can result in it rupture. Hospital visit is a must in case these symptoms appear.

In case of injury to a pregnant women or if she develops flu or like problems, do not ever try self medication. Visit your doctor, he will be better able to prescribe medicines. There is a long list of medicines, often those available over the counter, which can harm the child. Never be negligent in consulting a doctor even for a small problem.

Sudden weakness can be a sigh of certain hormonal drop. If it immediately passes away and the woman is soon normal, she should get rest and the matter should be discussed with the doctor at next visit. However if the weakness persist, immediate medical attention is needed.

Hypertension or increased blood pressure is quite common in pregnancy, but should not be ignored. This can be a cause of underdevelopment of certain vital organs of your baby. Hypertension may also lead to other complications like water retention and headache. In acute cases it can damage placenta.

Early labour needs to be attended immediately as this may be a signal of premature child birth.

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