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Apr 282011

There were times when it was thought that a pregnant mother has to feed her child from what she eats and needs to eat for two people. The foetus is too small in the first few months to warrant such a huge intake of food. It is necessary that the mother eats nourishing food so that she and her child to be born are healthy.

As per the latest theory of medical science, the increase in weight of the mother should be more or less equal to the weight of baby she is carrying. In practice it is a fact that the mother often gains weight to some extent which she has to burn after the birth of the child. In case of the mother being overweight or if she gains excessive weight during pregnancy, chances are that the child will also suffer from obesity and both mother and child may start to suffer from diabetes and hypertension.

As per the medical fraternity, the woman should control her weight before she decides to conceive as trying to be on diet during pregnancy may be dangerous. If the mother goes on diet during pregnancy chances are that the foetus may not get proper nourishment for development resulting in miscarriage. Even if the child continues to grow he will suffer from malnourishment resulting in premature birth or reduced life expectancy. For proper development of vital organs of the child full nourishment is required. If the mother is on diet some of the organs may not develop properly and the child may suffer from deformity for full life. In worst cases the brain development may also be affected.

Sometimes to keep control on the weight some mothers resort to taking dieting pills. Before going in for these pills it is essential to consult your doctor. Dieting pills may be taken before pregnancy but their safety during pregnancy has not been certified by FDA. In case of some women it has been found that these did not have adverse effect on the mother and child, still these needs to be taken with caution and after proper consultation. One thing needs to be remembered is that the weight loss pills do not have permanent effect, once discontinued the weight is gained at more rapid speed. In case the mother is breast feeding the child these should be avoided at all cost.

Instead of dieting or taking pills it is better to eat a balanced diet free from lot of fat and sugar. Exercises done under the guidance of the experts can help maintain weight. Yogic exercises done under the guidance of an expert yoga teacher will be beneficial both for mother and child. These will not only help to control weight, but will also help to increase blood circulation in the body necessary for proper development of the child.